Frost Dragon

  Frost Dragon from Adopt Me! The game is worth 1000 Robux in 2024 

Frost dragon was a famous pet that was introduced in the game during Christmas 2019. The users greatly obtained it during the Christmas event in the year 2019. However, after that it soon became unobtainable. The pet is tradable with up to 36 pet types making it further loveable for many users. In addition to this, fan art has become widely known among users.

Frost Dragon Worth

The current value of Frost Dragon from Adopt Me is estimated to be 1000 Robux. For the Neon version, it’s equal to Mega Neon Arctic Reindeer and for the Mega Neon version, it’s equal to the Equal to Mega Neon frost fury.

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Pet worth: 1000 Robux

Type Pet
Rarity Legendary
Origin Christmas 2019 (Robux)

It has three versions which include neon and mega neon. About 7927 offers are present on the AdoptMeTradingValue currently. Neon Frost has saved up to 1445 offers. Whereas, Mega Neon Frost has been liked up to 437 offers. Hence, This pet has proved itself successful.

Frost Dragon Value Chart 2024

Frost DragonEqual to Shadow Dragon
Neon Frost DragonEqual to Mega Neon Cow
Mega Neon Frost DragonEqual to Mega Neon frost fury

How much rare is it considered?

This pet comes under the category of legendary. That makes it quite valuable. It is worth 1000 Roblox. That too defines its worth. It is so rare that 4128 have claimed it to be their dream pet.

What to offer this Pet?

This pet can be traded with 36 pet types. It has a high value in the trade games. However, the frost has the best trade value with the golden pets. These golden pets include a golden dragon, ladybug, unicorn, and Griffen. Other good trade pets for this consist of Cobra, T-Rex, or a Shark.

How much is it worth in 2024?

Frost is worth 1000 in 2024. It has been widely popular since its release at the respective event in 2019. It’s been four years since then however the pet has not lost its popularity.

How many neon legs is a Frost Dragon worth?

This dragon is much more valuable than any other pet in the series. Even Nine Low Tier neon legs would be inferior to the frost. Frost would be like a mega dod or T-rex as one frost is equal to a decent mega leg. This Dragon’s neon version is also known to have equal value.

Can a frost dragon be considered better than a shadow dragon?

Frost has its value. But a shadow dragon is a lot better than a Frost one. If you wish to compare Frost vs shadow dragon. Know that Shadow Dragon is the top-wanted pet. Apart from that it has the best rarity. Frost is loved but shadow dragon is something that you do not see very often in the game.

About the Pet:

Frost resembles the shadow dragon in many ways and differs only in its colors. The blue color is used to indicate Frost. It is designed with blue scales over its body along with neon blue eyes and light blue smoke coming out of its mouth. Adopt me pets drawing frost dragon was a famous art design among the Adopt Me fellas for over a considerable period.

The Chinese version of this dragon is also regarded to be one from the frost dragon clan as both are quite similar. Frost is considered a little more valuable than neon frost fury and inferior to Neon Hedgehog. Neon Frost has customized tips such as deep dive and frost breath. These moves are not offered by any other pet.

Some of the tricks that can be offered by the frost include Newborn – Sit, Junior – Lay Down, Pre-Teen – Jump, Teen – Joy, Post-Teen- Dive, Full Grown – Frost Breath.