Doodle Unicorn

 Doodle Unicorn is worth 2.4 Million Gemsin 2023 

You may exchange with other players in Pet Simulation X to obtain the Rainbow Unicorn, value exclusive pet. In its largest form, the animal is quite rare. The price of the pet’s basic version has increased to 7,400,000,000 diamonds.

The pet may be obtained from each online gaming egg during an event that took place from June 21 to July 29, 2022. The Diehard update didn’t go live at 2.5 million visits as planned on, so the developers replied by introducing this special pet.

Doodle Unicorn Value

The current value of this Pet in Pet Sim X is estimated at 2,475,000 for the Normal, 8,662,500 for the Golden, and 24,750,000 for the Rainbow version.

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Approximately 1 out of every 2.5 million fertilized eggs may contain the pet. With Pet Sim X: Rainbows, the animal requires 255 billion gemstones, but the normal version only costs 45 billion diamonds. As the value is solely ranked extremely high for the gold, the card can only be obtained for the regular edition of the pet. The special feature of this card is that it grants you the ability to be a good buddy, making you the greatest companion.


Pet worth: 2.4 Million Gems

  • Released Year: 2023
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pet Simulator x

The pet features one of the greatest ratings and a very strong probability of hatching in every egg, particularly those that have previously been broken. To increase your chances, you may also purchase broken rocks at a per-ton price and begin examining the broken eggs.

Doodle Unicorn Value Chart 2023

NORMAL2.4 Million 💎
GOLD9 Million 💎
RAINBOW24 Million 💎

How to get Doodle Unicorn?

To get the Doodle Unicorn in PSX Roblox, just keep breaking eggs from June 21 until August 29. This animal was put to the gameplay as a justification for the most recent statement not being released at 3 million viewings higher than what was first anticipated. The pet can thus appear in every egg, but there is just one major downside: it is quite uncommon, particularly for the dark matter version value.

What does the Wiki say about this Pet?

According to the Pet Simulation Public Wiki, there are 1.4 billion to one odds of an HC unicorn value against one. It is stern. It also possesses regular wizardry and the Shutterstock special enchantment, both of which ensure that it will always outperform your greatest pet. In addition, it is quite helpful, which brings our attention to the next point of our conversation.

What is the exclusivity of this pet?

One of the greatest varieties of the unicorn, which comes in two of the greatest varieties, and has a gemstone worth almost 25 billion gems, is this special pet. Although the odds of getting dark matter are exceedingly slim, it is thought that it is possible. While comparing the rainbow’s maximum rating to the standard card, the greatest score marginally declines.

What is the most valuable pet in Pet Sim X?

The eldest, most expensive, and biggest creature in Pet Simulation X is the unicorn doodle, which costs 20 billion gems and has a 0.5% chance of hatching from the egg of distinctive pets.

What do Mimic chests drop for Doodle unicorn pets?

Mimics are a prevalent type of strong-intensity enemy that disguises itself as nearby chests. By breaking the treasure sculpture, the player may already have produced mimics during Hard mode. Nevertheless, the only thing that some of these mimics give is the mime pennant.

The Crooked Mimic is a distinct miniboss found in the Underground Turmoil. A tone of midnight may be inserted into any empty box to create it. The treasure will instead transform into corrupted mimics in a universe where evil is present.

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Who was the first pet in Adopt Me?

The second pet in Adopt Me is classified as the blue dog. It was accessible for a while after the animals emerged, and it marked the invitational appearance of one.