Dark Matter Hellish Axolotl

 Dark Matter Hellish Axolotl is worth 1.2 Billion Gems in 2024 

It is a new version of the Axolotl pet. The animal was included in the Axolotl update and is regarded as the game’s toughest pet. The shiny Axolotl egg can hatch the Astral Axolotl. If you activate the Deep Axolotl Ocean, you can get an egg like this. The normal version that is linked with the Egg normally costs 150,000.

Dark Matter Hellish Axolotl Value

The current value of Dark Matter Hellish Axolotl is estimated at 100,000,000 for the normal, 200,000,000 for the gold version, and 400,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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There are normal, golden, and rainbow coins. The golden coins cost around 1,350,000. You can get the Hellish Axolotl pet sold in the Axolotl ocean shop in the ocean world. Such eggs include Regular & Golden Shiny Axolotl Egg.


Pet worth: 1.2 Billion Gems

  • Released Year: 2022
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pet Simulator x

There are some other merchants from which you can have the Axolotl, which includes the Travelling merchant and the mystery merchant. The traveling merchant includes around 11.8 million diamonds, and the hellish rainbow Axolotl comprises approximately 30.2 million diamonds. The mystery merchant has 21.15m million diamonds. The diamonds cost less if you buy this pet from the mystery merchant.

DM Hellish Axolotl Value Chart 2024

NORMAL100 Million 💎
GOLD200 Million 💎
RAINBOW400 Million 💎
Dark Matter1.2 Billion 💎

How to get Hellish Axolotl in Simulator X?

The base hatch rate for the Axolotl is around 0.00356%. This is the average percentage and the total boosted chance is about 0.0175%. Some other hatches include the Nature Axolotl, Fancy Axolotl, Axolotls, and Astral Axolotl. There are different hatch rates associated with these pets.

The Axolotl has a current value of around 2 billion gems sold at the trading booth. The pet simulator X can be hatched from the Shiny Axolotl Egg. The Egg was released with the part of Axolotl Ocean Update. The total chance of hatching is approximately 0.0005% without boosts. It deals with massive damage and is hard to hatch at low rates. It’s hard to hatch, and it needs super lucky and ultra-lucky boots to increase the chances of hatching the hard-to-find pet.

How much is a hellish golden axolotl worth?

The total value associated with the golden hellish Axolotl worth is about 9,000,000 or 9 million gems. This is the exact value that determines the overall value of the golden axolotl.

How much is empyrean Axolotl worth?

The value associated with the empyrean Axolotl is around 2 million gems in the PSX Roblox. These are sold at the trading booth.

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What is the chance of hatching an empyrean axolotl?

The total chance of hatching the empyrean Axolotl is around 2 million gems. These are the official trading terms gained in the empyrean Axolotl.

Is the Hellish Axolotl the strongest pet?

The average axolotl power is around 70-74 t damage and is considered the strongest pet in the game. This pet has the same shape and colors as the Wyvern of Hades.

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How much power does dark matter axolotl have?

Pixel creatures like the Axolotl with new skin are one of the strongest legends in the tech world and are around 1 trillion in power. This is said to the Dark matter legendary pet.

What is the value of all pets in pet simulator X?

The most popular mythical pet in the simulator X is the Angelus. The rainbow version of the axolotl has a starting price of about 120,000,000. There are two other mythical pets whose worth is many times less.

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