Cupid Corgi

 Cupid Corgi is worth 3.3 Million Gems in 2023 

This Pet is a Relatively uncommon pet that can be procured in Pet Simulator X. It was decided to add it for Valentine’s 2023 occasion on February 11, 2023. All of the best pets in the tournament have price increases that are described in detail in the pricing list, including that of the HC corgi valuation. When compared to the other four cards shown, the card has an elevated rarity level.

Cupid Corgi Value

The current value of Cupid Corgi in Pet Sim X is estimated at 3,350,000 for the Normal, 10,000,000 for the Golden, and 46,000,000 for the Rainbow version.

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This card was a member of the June immediate post and thus has high value due to its large size. If you want to exchange the pet in the wanting to trade booth, make sure you demand the actual amount of gems. According to the card’s history, this card was intended to be titled Huge Caracal, but the determination was increased due to its genus.


Pet worth: 3.3 Million Gems

  • Released Year: 2023
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pet Simulator x

The pet is recognized to be 1.5 percentage points of the total and a massive edition of the Cupid Corgi value in its exclusive bracket. This pet will be much bigger and more powerful than your other pets and will deal +100 percent of destruction than the others.

However, this is the only pet that cannot generate diamonds and also ends up losing all of its abilities when you reconnect the basic-unique. You will receive +35% points when this pet is upgraded to Diamond III. If you want to get this pet with the Gem rank and the highest policy size of 2048 bytes, you may have to invest in crypto because it’s your only option.

Cupid Corgi Value Chart 2023:

NORMAL3.3 Million 💎
GOLD10 Million 💎
RAINBOW46 Million 💎

How to get the Cupid Corgi?

A Valentine’s Egg can be used to hatch this Pet. The normal version costs 250k Valentine’s Credits, while the golden package costs 2.25M. Fortunately, having started an agreement in Pet Simulator X is simple. You can press on your animals by pressing the green and yellow triangular symbol after selecting the animal icon at the bottom of one’s display.

What is Pet & Gem Value?

Pets have two primary values. Pet and gemstone values. The default value used here is Pet value, which is the maximum sum of diamonds the pet would be good enough to justify if traded for other pets. The gem value of a pet is what it would be good enough to justify if only diamonds (gems) were exchanged for it.

What are the different pet rarities?

There is a whole list of rarities along with abbreviations normal (N), golden (G), rainbow (R), dark matter (DM), and skinny (S). Our prevailing C Corgi value is determined by Pet Simulator X. If you’re wondering how much the other pets in Pet Sim X are worth, check out the cargo id number in our Pet Simulator X value category guidance. We have a complete and accurate price list for all of the finest pets in the tournament.

Can you rebirth your huge cupid corgi in a pet simulator?

By selecting the “Rebirth” alternative in Pet Simulator X, you can increase your currency multiplier and obtain 10 Rebirth Tickets. However, be aware that restarting your life span will also wipe away your Coins and Ranch memory. A 10-leading list of those who have had the “most rebirths” can be found next to the egg distributor counter.

What is VIP in a pet simulator?

The VIP status grants early access to forthcoming areas, a distinctive name tag in chat and trade, and the capacity for dogs to pick up thrown documents as soon as possible. It can be bought with Robux or obtained through a drop if the player has the Vip Pass upgrade.