Cosmic Values Pet Simulator X 【Latest List 2023】

cosmic values pet sim x

Pet sim x is among the innovative virtual pet simulation game sets with better player exposure. The players have an extraordinary journey in the game with these cosmic pets. The players begin with the adventure using customized characters with distinct characteristics and different abilities.

The players can work well and explore more in the games with more love and care from other companions. Such partnerships give more insight into a creative and comfortable environment.

Cosmic Pet Sim X Values

Cosmic Serpent

The pet resembles a dragon with an ethereal design and it is mainly related to damage and speed boosts.

Cosmic Reaper

Cosmic Reaper is another pet that has a dark appearance and is associated in the game with mystical abilities. The reaper provides major damage to the opponents.

Cosmic Guardian

Cosmic Guardian is a defensive pet that has shielding properties and provides a durable companion. The pet has the meaning used for strength and protection.

Cosmic Phoenix

The cosmic bird-like pet has radiant features and is used mainly during battles for fire abilities.

Cosmic Unicorn

The Unicorn pet is a different and legendary pet that is mainly the symbol of magic and has different abilities to avoid damage in the game. The pet has healing abilities.

What is Pet Sim X pets worth?

Pet Sim X has different pets and other values are associated with them. Normally there are different packages, including regular, gold, and related prices.

What is the highest-valued pet in Pet Sim X?

Cosmic value ms2 has different values associated with various pets, including the Pog Dragon, Pog Dog, and Pog Cats. Such cards have different related values in the game.

What is the best pet in PSX?

Different pets include Hatch from Rainbow Pixel Egg, Hellosh Axolotl, and Pixel Wolf. These are the other best pets in PSX.

How much is the Sims pet pack?

Once the player settles on the pet, then it’s the responsibility of the adoption agent to deliver the pet to the Sim. This method requires some cost, including around 200 simoleons, but it’s a small price for the new addition.