Charizard EX Card

 Charizard EX Card is worth $71 USD in 2023 

Since its introduction in the beginning sets of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the card has been featured on a total of 44 different cards throughout the various sets. Generally speaking, Charizard cards represent Fire-type Stage 2 Pokémon.

This 11/106 card is a Basic Pokémon-EX card that has the Fire-type. To begin with, it was only accessible to Flashfire owners. A Full Art version of this card was included in the English Flashfire expansion after its debut in the Japanese Wild Blaze expansion. The card’s first release was in Japan.

Charizard EX Value

The current value of Charizard EX card is estimated at $65 for the poor condition PSA 10 version, $70 for the average condition PSA 10 version, and $71 for the Mint condition PSA 10 version.

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  • HP: 180
  • Type: Fire
  • Attacks: Stoke, Fire Blast
  • Weakness: Water x2

Card Worth: $150 USD

  • Released Year: 2018
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

The artwork for this card was created by Eske Yoshinob for the Regular edition, while Ryo Ueda was responsible for the Full Art version.

It was reissued in Japan with the same artwork as the Regular Art set and distributed as one of three random XY-P Promotional cards that were made available to players that participated in the Gym Leader Challenge for the Pokémon Card Game Summer Vacation Present Campaign.

Charizard EX Card Price in 2023

What is the worth of an ex-card?

Here, the value of Charizard’s pokemon card ex is discussed. It stands for “Extra.” Pokemon card game players will notice that each Pokemon has a distinct strength, attack, and HP level. These Pokémon TCG cards are very strong. The FireRed & LeafGreen ex card is presently available for $1,000 in bold. In terrible condition, it may be had for less than $200.

Pokemon TCG Card Value of EX 12/108 Ultra Rare Holo XY Evolutions 12/108 in 2016: $12.00 When it comes to card, the number 8 FireRed & LeafGreen version costs $500 while the ex card 13/108 Holo Ultra Rare Near Mint is just $16.99.

A PSA 9 rated Charizard EX Price Evolutions would set you back roughly $50, while a Pura 10 grade will set you back around $150. EX Pokemon cards may be valuable if they are in good shape. The more attractive Pokemon is worth more than $60, while the duller one may be for as low as $30.

Two factors affect the value of an Old Pokemon card: its print run and its grade. Condition, market demand, and the set it originated from all affect the value of a card.

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How many ex-cards were made?

The card is supposed to be a card of the rare category. EX cards are frequently the most powerful monsters in the game and the most difficult to get. These cards are Ultra Rare as well. To be honest, they go by a variety of names and each has its distinct mechanism for the current cycle.

These reasons lead to a higher than normal price and also increase rarity. There is a limited number of cards originally made and currently in circulation. By rough estimates, there are only about 208 blue ex in circulation.

This is quite a low number. Only about 500 2016 Charizard ex were made.

Which ex-card is most rare?

The ex card, which comes from the FireRed & LeafGreen set and can presently be purchased for one thousand dollars in bold, is considered to be one of the rarest cards.

In its current deteriorated state, it can be had for a price lower than $200. Another card worth mentioning is the full art card, which is a legendary Pokemon card that can only be discovered in one booster pack for every ten that are purchased.

How to know if your ex-card is real?

The “ex” in the name refers to “extra,” and as the name suggests, a broad variety of attacks have some kind of additional impact on Pokémon-ex. Because the name contains “ex,” it is clear that this is the case. There are several methods to tell a legitimate ex-card from a fraudulent one.

On a real ex card, for example, the word “ex” is iridescent, but on a fake card, it is just plain letters. To give you an idea, here are a few of the more broad signs.

A quick and simple way to tell whether a Pokémon card is authentic or not is to examine the card’s border. A very tiny layer of black substance separates the cardboard layers of real Pokémon cards. However, up close, the black space between the two small sides of the card can be seen despite its flimsy construction. This information is not available on fake cards.

Is it available on eBay and Amazon?

As was just indicated, this is a very uncommon card. E-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay only have a very limited supply of it available for purchase on their sites. There are many different listings for ex-cards throughout the various websites.

However, the buyer will often discover that many postings have already been sold off. Sometimes, if the buyer is fortunate, he will discover a card.

However, the card may not be in immaculate PSA 9-10 condition; rather, it could be in bad shape and be priced too high. It seems that the online marketplaces Amazon and eBay are not the greatest locations to look for a card.

What are the abilities of the Charizard ex?

Those with a Charizard card indicate the second-stage Fire-type Pokémon. Charizard has a fire type and has all the abilities and drawbacks faced by a fire-type pokemon. Mega Charizard EX makes advantage of the Tough Claws Ability, which boosts the attack strength of techniques that require physical contact with the target. Powers up fire-type attacks when a Pokemon is in distress are another unique ability called BLAZE.

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