Blue Eyes White Dragon Card

 Blue Eyes White Dragon Card is worth $1,999 USD in 2023 

The card is known to be the historical dragon that has pleasure in its unmatchable power. The card formation shows aggression and humiliation.

Dragon ske-00 was first released back in 1999 around 500 cards were made out of which 117 were known to be the limited edition version. The Deck of 117 cards belongs to the Kaiba Reloaded and these cards are printed as part of the YU-GI-OH rarities. The anger of the dragon shown on the card tells a lot about this monster.

Blue Eyes White Dragon Value

The current value of Blue Eyes White Dragon card is estimated at $ 0.99 for poor condition, $1486 for average condition, and $1999.99 for Mint condition.

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  • Level: 8
  • Type: Dragon
  • Attacks: 3000
  • Defence: 2500

Card Worth: $1,999 USD

  • Released Year: 1996
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: YU-GI-OH

For the battlefield, only 4 cards were released with the deck of 117 cards and it is believed that they are in the hands of the greatest collector of YU-GI-OH of the time. As per the reports it is stated that one of those four cards is a Tournament Black Lustre card, the rarest one.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon belongs to Chain #150, and only the production of Dragon cards is what makes this chain very rare. Shiny cards are not part of the chain but it doesn’t mean they aren’t any less rare. Some of these cards come with a blue stamp which leads these cards to the top 10 historical cards.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Card Price Chart 2023

Lowest $0.99
Highest $1999.99
Average $7.02

What is the worth of White Dragon?

Out of 500 cards 117 cards were known to be the highest in worth due to being the production of SKE-00. Blue eyes Chaos dragon leads the deck of this release and at some time was well known to be the worthiest but after the release of the later deck which included the battlefield 4 cards caused a decline in the other deck. Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon has made its worth due to being the production of modern times and people also call it the Ritual Monster.

Korean Blue-Eyes White Dragon has its worth only in Korea since they believe the dragon is the sign of peace for them whereas it’s the opposite in neighboring countries. The worth of cards varies from time to time, back in 2003 Blue Eyes Promos were rated as the top worthy since they were 10th grade PSA and were made to be just remarkable.

The one Secret Rare card of every card has its special place, Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon is also the top 5 rated card of the CT14 has a worth of $30,000 according to its collector whereas the Malefic card stands with a price tag of $45,500 in its recent Auction.

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How many White Dragons were made?

In the total of 500 cards, there were many different types of cards released with the deck and even after the deck. 117 of the strongest cards were made by the SK-00 and they were all the shiniest and the most attractive ones.

The blue eyes of the dragon are what relate all the cards with different bodies of the dragon. 4 of the cards made it to the first edition collection, the first edition cards were stamped by the YU-GI-HO community stand to be the initial of this community. Blue-eyes white dragon 1st edition 1996 was the best of that deck out of 500.

Korean Blue-Eyes White Dragon was a total of 14 with Korea made a stamp on each card, they were exclusively for Korea and secured their worth nowhere but in Korea only.

Kaiba Reloaded was supposed to be in 4 in number but 5 months after the release of 4 cards they released the Secret card naming it the YU GI OH limited. Ghost cards were 383 in total and none of them were made Holo which caused a lot of dispute and that is how their worth is lesser than the other 117.

And at last the Saga of guide card, this was a guide card for all the other White Dragon cards and it had 50 copies of itself in each deck of cards.

Which of these White dragons is the rarest?

Different reasons make all of these 117 cards of the SK-00 rare. The 4 battlefield cards also known as Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon have the top rarity ads compared to the other part of the deck. And these 4 cards are also known to be the 1st edition cards which already makes them more worthy than any of the other cards. Psa 10 Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the second rarest card of this deck as being rated as the 10th-grade card. The 10th graded cards are the shiniest and sparkling of all.

The legendary Blue-Eyes Dragon which are the guide cards for each deck is also very rare since they are very limited in number and they won’t be available in every deck of cards. Korean Blue Eyes Dragons are only considered rare in between the borders of Korea and nowhere else.

How do you know if your White Dragon card is real?

There are many ways to find the originality of your YU-GI-OH belonging card and they are different for the 117 cards and different for the remaining cards. Since the other 383 cards of this deck are considered not so rare or have a high worth which is why people don’t hesitate while getting any of them and are not worried about the realness of the card. According to the reports around 1500 of the cards have been sold out which is originally a total of 383.

The other 117 cards, also precious historical cards, undergo various methods of checking the originality of the card. The people who check these cards are so professional and are rated as the Top Men. These feel the surface texture of the card, the sides of the card, and the color tone individually. Last year they were able to indicate 67 out of 250 cards to be the Original Blue-Eyes White Dragon Cards.

Is this card available on Amazon or eBay?

It is nearly impossible that you get to see rare Blue Eyes Dragon cards on any of the online selling platforms, especially Amazon or eBay. As mentioned above, out of 500 cards there are only 383 cards that have a very low rarity and no worth at all which is why they are available to buy on Amazon and eBay as well, as per the research 100 cards are available on Amazon and 30 cards are present at the eBay site.

What are the abilities of the White Dragon card?

With the HP of 65 and damage of 80 this Blue Eyes Dragon card is very strong. Along with the guide card, this card gets even stronger and unlocks 3 of the special moves, and also enables the character to defend against the damage of up to 30 points.

More about this card

Blue Eyes Dragon is believed to be the ancient traditional YU-GI-OH card and has control over various powers which only unlock in different seasons. The majority of the collectors of these cards are from Japan and the USA. Blue Eyes Dragon are the only cards to be sold in a bulk at an Auction with a starting value of $90,000.

The collector of these cards says that these are the strongest ancient cards to exist after the ending chain of 150.

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