1999 Pokemon Cards Values | Calculate Card’s Worth [2024]

1999 Pokemon Cards Value

Known for its rarity edition this 1999 Charizard V card stands with a worth of $350 and is increasingly well known for its PSA value of 9.5, the highest valued card in the series of V cards. Leading with the next card known for its gold edition, is the Golden Pikachu card, weighing 11 grams and the highest coordinated card with a value of $2500.

Among the most historical precedent cards, the Rapidstrike Ushifu V max cards come along in boosters boxes getting them a value of $8700. Also known as the wizard cards, the Clefairy cards with basic receipts in boxes belong to some of the most enthusiastic collectors with a value of $19000. Part of the art version of these Volcanic EX cards comes along in holographic and with a price of $35000.

Most Valuable 1999 Pokemon Cards

Charizard v card

It is entirely dependent on the V card’s rarity, edition, and the kind of card that it is, especially if or not it is a holographic or inverse hologram, as to whether or not it is valued as cash. Dazzling V PSA 10s may be acquired on eBay for anywhere from $200 and $350.00 depending on the condition of the item. A grading deck can trade for greater than one thousand dollars, especially if it has been given a score of 9.5 or 10.

When it is in its very basic version, the value of the basic V Pokemon emblem is much cheaper in the 1995 pokemon cards value list. The reality that perhaps the cards are employed by such a large number of people is one factor that correlates to the comparatively low price, usually ranging between $20 to $60. Some other deck to consider is the V of the sword.

Golden Pikachu card

The Pikachu card is composed of 11 grams of 24k gold and comes with a massive container as well as a glass display pedestal. The Pokémon Corporation and Japanese gemstone merchant Shibuya Tanaka worked together to produce the limited release successfully. Ginza Takahashi was responsible for the coordination of their efforts.

It is required that a time slot of twenty days be negotiated. PSA has verified that the cards are genuine and legitimate in every way. Even though the value of the platinum cards from 1999 is $2305. These decks have a particularly significant significance for their respective users.

This monster has quickly risen to become one of the greatest well-known in the history of the Pokémon video game franchise known to be 1999 pokemon’s most valuable cards.

Rapidstrike Ushifu VMax Card

The low value of these cards is because they are so fresh and have no historical precedent for driving up their value. The Swords and Shields decks’ valuation was very great, and they were the sole ones to maintain their original $3400 face valuation.

VMax Rainbows cards, valued at about $2,000, are the second-most expensive playing deck in existence, like the 1999 pokemon cards pack. Owing to its scarcity, the amplifier box with the black diagonal mistake on the front, like the one shown, may sell for as much as $8,700.

To prevent the initial version stamps from being forged, the manufacturer accidentally manufactured too numerous boosters boxes and masked them with a black arrow.

Clefairy Pokemon Card

There have never been any redeeming features or charms on this Pokemon card to elevate its value. Cards from 1999 are rare and valuable, with an estimated retail value of $19,000. The value of the remaining supports is between $4000 and $7000.

You could have seen numerous unique cards like 1999 wizards pokemon cards value, however, what gets those Clefairy basic receipt details so uncommon is the idea that they formerly belonged to the world’s most renowned enthusiasts.

This set was followed by the even rarer Holo Rare images, which had previously only been accessible in the Fabled Series Decks.

Volcanion EX Card

The value of these decks fluctuates depending on the size of the decks they come from. The appeal that is infused into the decks included in the Art collection is the primary factor responsible for the comparatively great value of the cards included in this collection. This passport currently has a worth of fifty thousand dollars.

Following the introduction of these decks to the Holo Art Volcano decks, the value of these cards increased to $35,000. The Volcanion EX hidden rare decks are the decks with the poorest value, for $12 000 each.

The next seven decks were all Holo art decks, and the Holographics decks were rated as the forty-fifth most attractive tokens that were on show at the promotion of 1999 pokemon cards unopened. These seven games were shuffled and placed in thirteen different decks before being put up for sale.

What Pokemon cards from 1999 are worth the most?

Shadowless 1st Edition Holo Charizard from the 1999 Pokemon Basic Box sold for around $500,000 in 2017. Just picture yourself opening your loft door to discover it there. Boasting famous art by Mitsuhiro Arita, this is the greatest highly wanted Pokemon card yet manufactured. These seven playing decks, in their first printing, hit every mark.

The restricted print run and eye-catching hologram design of these cards contribute to their desirability. This emblem comes to the EY society and is likewise a part of the famous collection. The initial value of a Volcanion EX deck is twenty thousand dollars, making it much more uncommon than the 1999 pokemon energy cards value.

The last seven decks were all Holo art items, and the Expo visitors voted them the #45 prettiest cards there. The seven decks were cut up into 13 different decks and sent to buyers.

What is a 1999 holographic Charizard worth?

The BGS author alludes a “Scrooge McDuck chum bucket” after hearing that a 1999 Pokemon 1st Editions Charizard Holographic rated BGS 10 sold for $55,650 on Etsy. These cards are the ultimate Pokemon collection.

Over the last year and a half, the 1st Editions Charizard has consistently broken every single milestone imaginable. As the highest highly certified 1st Editions Misprint holographic, Charizard is the costliest product in the collection. The Charizard holo is the undisputed ruler of the battlefield among trainers and non-trainers alike those 1999 pokemon cards value, not 1st edition.

How rare is the original 1999 Charizard?

The Charizard Pokemon cards represented by a wide margin the highest expense of all the brilliant Pokemon decks. Especially just a deck from the initial issue that was in perfect form and went for $15,500. Although also many people probably do not possess it in similar perfect condition, the median amount that it sells for is still not anything to scoff at.