1999 Pikachu Card 

 Pikachu Card is worth $8000 USD in 2024 

The Pikachu card which came before the gold Pikachu card stands worth the same as any shadowless card beginning from $500. The card value of 6064 first came under the deck of an Australian collector from where it traveled through several auctions.

They were out in 5 grades each with its worth, especially those under a PSA rating of 5. At the time of their launch being the highest-worth cards, they were placed as the complimentary present to the winners of the tournament. 1995 Pikachu card value tracked till now goes from the highest $400 to the lowest $9.

1999 Pikachu Value

The current value of the 1999 Pikachu card is estimated at $145 for the poor condition Grade 7 version, $155 for the average condition Grade 7 version, and $200 for the Mint condition Grade 7 version.

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  • HP: 40
  • Type: Electric
  • Attacks: Nuzzle, Quick Attack
  • Weakness: Fighting x2

Card Worth: USD 8000

  • Released Year: 1999
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

After the duplicate came out it affected the worth of the cards and whereby some indications were made to recognize the real ones which were having dark corners with light backgrounds. The card mentions the strength as a double standard because of the second highest hp ever recorded. The card comes with the rarity level 9 which is how it increases its worth.

1995 Pikachu Card Price Chart in 2024

Type Poor Condition Average Condition Mint Condition
Ungraded $40 $43.5 $46
Grade 5
Grade 6 $60 $66 $66
Grade 7 $145 $155 $200

What is the value of the 1995 card worth?

The Pikachu card weighs 11 grams and comes with a large container and a pedestal constructed of plexiglass. The Pokémon Corporation and Japanese gemstone merchant Ginza Honda worked together to produce the limited launch successfully. About the 1999 Pikachu red cheeks, Ginza Takahashi was responsible for the coordination of their efforts.

It is required that a time slot of twenty days be negotiated. PSA has verified that the cards are genuine and genuine in every way. Some cards have a particularly significant significance for their aforementioned teams. This mascot has quickly risen to become one of the greatest well-known in the history of the Pokemon video game franchise.

What are 1999 Pokemon cards called?

The Pokémon Collectible Card Player’s third extension collection of cards, titled Fossil, was first made available for purchase on October 8, 1999. The deck game’s Fossil regular package has the lowest total cards of every other proper set (62). In subsequent sets, gimmicks would frequently be used to distinguish their cards from those of previous sets.

Ever before it was included in the Pokémon Collectible Card Show’s Core Collection, players have had access to it. 188 distinct cards have been marked with a highlighter for it. It was difficult to foresee whether or not one would obtain a second Pikachu, especially those Pikachu cards 58102.

How do I know if my Pikachu card is worth the money?

As per the 1st edition Pikachu yellow cheeks price, a symbol located towards the bottom of the cards or its inscription will show the frequency of the card. A circular would represent that the card is frequent, a gem would suggest that it is less frequent, and diamonds would suggest that it is uncommon.

Additional rarity is indicated by the presence of additional diamonds or multiple characters or character permutations, regardless of whether or not such configurations appear anywhere on the board or in the card’s description. This is the epitome of a card that has a very low availability and very few grading examples in circulation.

What is the rarest Pikachu card?

Under Unesco World Records, online networking star and boxer, Logan Paul spent $5.275 million for a category 10 Pokemon Designer card from the International Sports Authentication system in September 2024. If a card received a PSA 10 rating, it was in mint shape. The number of Pikachu Illustration cards made is said to be low (20-40).

Although the actual quantity will probably always be known, serious enthusiasts believe there are now just eight pieces left. Inspect the darkish picture in the bottom right quadrant of your Pokemon card before buying the card.

Amazing as a gemstone may be a 1999 card 6064, each star is one of a kind. A black star is average, whereas a white or golden one is quite unusual. PSA has verified the cards as genuine. The 1999 card is only worth $23.05, unfortunately. Some decks are highly specialized for respective owners. The protagonist is undoubtedly one of the more well-known figures in the history of the Pokémon video game franchise.