1999 Charizard Pokemon Card

 1999 Charizard Card is worth $324,534,56USD in 2023 

It was released as part of the e-Reader series which was the English expansion. Hiromichi Sugiyama was the official collector of the Charizard pokemon card series. There are a total of 44 different cards released. Charizard cards are usually Phase 2 Burning Pokémon cards that belong to the chain 142.

Shining Charizard is part of the first edition card deck, it is also known as the new destiny card which is one of the secret rare cards .1999 Charizard chain 41/02 was the first production of TCG & CCG. Charizard is also known for being the oldest pokemon card with the ancient tradition followed.

1999 Charizard Value

The current value of the 1999 Charizard card is estimated at $1,000 for the poor condition 1st Edition version, $5,000 for the average condition 1st Edition version, and $25,000 for the Mint condition 1st Edition version.

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  • HP: 120
  • Type: Fire
  • Attacks: Fire Spin
  • Weakness: Water x2

Card Worth: $324,53456 USD

  • Released Year: 1999
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

There were a total of five GX black Charizard cards which were only available in a limited deck of cards. The 1st edition Charizard of grade 10 PSA were the basic cards used for the guide. 2016 Charizard cards were not the basic card but the re-copies that were made full local selling.

Some of the cards were part of chain 142 and re-copies were part of chain 144.

1999 Charizard Card Price Chart 2023

What is the worth of the Charizard card?

Out of 44 cards, 8 of them were known highest in worth because of their connection with the tradition. Charizard EX is ranked as #4 highest in worth cards. It has a price tag of $44,000.

There were 4 of these cards, which were part of this ranking. Charizard grade 8 cards were ranked as #6 in worth with the price tag of $36,000. The other cards of this chain were low in worth and are known to fall under $10,000.

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How many of these were made?

Out of 44 cards, there were 7 different cards made. Base cards were a total of 11 in quantity and these were made in dull colors. PSA grade 8 cards which were of chain #146 were 4 in quantity and they were the shiniest cards of the chain.

Holographic Charizard cards were made in 3 in numbers and they had the highest demand. The Charizard legendary cards were of totally different colors and they were the Japanese expansion.

Which of these cards were the rarest?

The first edition cards and the holographic cards one know to be the rarest because of the different reasons. First of all the first edition cards were 4 in numbers which made them rare and no further copies were made.

The holographic card had high demand because of their appearance. These cards were the most beautiful and were part of chain #146 which is the legendary series also that these were the last cards released on this chain.

Is this Card available on Amazon & eBay?

Unfortunately no, since these cards are very rare which is why it is not possible that they will be available on any selling sites. These cards only appeared during the auction where collectors from different regions sell their cards with heavy price tags.

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