1999 Bulbasaur Pokemon Card Value

 1999 Bulbasaur Pokemon Card Value Game is worth equal to a $5 to $15 in played condition. in 2023  

You can find the price and worth of 1999 Bulbasaur Pokemon Card according to the latest sales on various platforms like eBay & Amazon. Keep in mind that all values listed of Ivysaur and PSA 10 are in US Dollars which is commonly used all over the world. The list below is updated till 2023.

1999 Bulbasaur Pokemon Card Worth

The average value of Bulbasaur is $21.67. Sold comparable range in price from a low of $0.49 to a high of $329.00.n.

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  • HP: 40
  • Type: Electric
  • Attacks: Thunder Shock, Fly
  • Resistance: Fighting -20

Card Worth: $21.67 USD

  • Released Year: 2001
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

A 1999 Bulbasaur Pokémon card’s worth might change depending on the card’s rarity, condition, and set. A common Bulbasaur card is typically worth $1 in played condition. A first edition shadowless Bulbasaur card, on the other hand, might be valued roughly $70 in immaculate condition. A first edition shadowless holo Bulbasaur card in mint condition is the most expensive Bulbasaur card and may fetch over $1,000.

1999 Bulbasaur Pokemon Card Chart 2023

ConditionValue (USD)
Unlimited Common$1-5
1st Edition Common$5-20
Shadowless 1st Edition Common$20-100
Shadowless 1st Edition Mint$100-300+

Is Bulbasaur a rare Pokemon card?

The Pokémon card Bulbasaur is not uncommon. There are many Bulbasaur cards available, and most of them are not very expensive. However, there are a few uncommon Bulbasaur cards that can fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars, such first edition shadowless Bulbasaur cards.
The rarity, condition, and set of a Bulbasaur card all affect how much it is worth. Due to the limited printing of first edition shadowless Bulbasaur cards in the Pokémon Base Set, they are uncommon. Additionally, there is a huge demand for these cards, which raises their cost. You can check online to discover what comparable cards have sold for if you have a Bulbasaur card that you believe to be desirable.

Is Bulbasaur card worth anything?

Common Bulbasaur cards often only have a few dollars’ worth of value. However, depending on their rarity and condition, some Bulbasaur cards may be worth more. Cards with the shadowless Bulbasaur from the original edition, for instance, might cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
A Bulbasaur card’s value can change depending on a number of variables, such as:
First edition and shadowless cards are more uncommon than unlimited cards, making them more valuable.
Set: The value of a card can also be influenced by the set it belongs to. An original Base Set Bulbasaur card, for instance, often has a higher value than a Team Rocket Bulbasaur card. One of the most crucial elements influencing a card’s value is its condition. A card in mint condition will be worth a lot more than one that has been played.

How popular is Bulbasaur?

The Pokémon Bulbasaur is well-known. It is one of the three starter Pokémon that players in the first Pokémon video games can select. The gentleness and adaptability of Bulbasaur are well known qualities. It is a common option for competitive Pokémon fighting as well. After Charmander and Squirtle, Bulbasaur is the third most preferred starter Pokémon, according to a recent survey. However, Bulbasaur has become one of the most well-liked Pokémon overall in recent years as a result of its rising popularity.