1996 Pokemon Cards Values [Calculate Worth 2023]

1996 Pokemon Cards

There are various Pokemon cards released in 1996, cards that included features like attack names, costs, and effects. The cards allow the players to get involved in multiple Pokemon battles. Among them, there comes 1996 Pokemon cards. The players can enjoy the desirability and particular versions in first edition stamps that contribute greatly to the physical world.

The Pokemon cards have unique art and attributes that make a general collective view of cards. The main focus of Pokemon cards is on the fossil set that shows the holographic cards and includes different other sets like Aerodactyl, Dragonite, and Kabutops.

1996 Pokemon Cards Values

Jungle 1st Edition Common Card

The Pokemon Jungle trading card was released in 1996 and was introduced as a new wave of Pokemon cards that featured Pokemon from the original Generation 1 games. The card is known for its additional features that include different cards like Meowth, Oddish, and Mankey. These common cards are typically marked with the symbol and are rare cards.

Pokemon Base Set 1996

The base set was released in 1996 and included a variety of Pokemon cards that includes trainer cards and energy cards. This is the best-known set for Pokemon cards and has notable cards from the base set like iconic Charizard, Blastoise, and venusaur that are highly liked by collectors.

The cards have distinct designs and artwork and hold a special place in the Pokemon world.

1996 Japanese Basic Card

1996 Pokemon Japanese cards hold significant historical value and feature the artwork by Ken Sugimori. The original Illustrator showcases Pikachu and has a small illustration of a lightning bolt. The electric type had different points and it has the common rarity symbol that is represented by a circle.

1996 EX Cards

1996 EX cards belong to another type and have high HP and Strong attacks. These Pokemon cards use the opposing players and take two prize cards for the players.

1996 Evolution Cards

1996 evolution cards represent the evolved forms of Basic Pokemon. These are from the basic Pokemon on the field and have more strong attacks and higher special effects.

How many Pokemon cards were made in 1996?

There were almost three sets of cards that were made in 1996. The sets include the base sets, jungle sets, and fossil sets. The sets were released in 1996 and included different species with trainers and energy cards. The second set was a jungle set released in the same year with 48 featured cards. The fossil sets featured around 62 cards.

In 1996, there was a total of 102 cards that were released. These also include 1996 Japanese Pokemon cards value.

Are 1996 Pokemon Cards Rare?

The 1996 Pokemon cards are from the first edition in 1996 and are the most precious original cards with the rare factor of around $10,000. The cards have limited availability due to the rare cards’ value. The 1996 Japanese Pokemon cards price guide will show the rarity of the cards.

What Pokemon cards from 1996 are worth the most?

There are different variety of cards that comes under Pokemon cards. The first edition holographic 1996 Char izard Pokemon card value comes from the base set and is one of the most valuable Pokemon cards from 1999. The cards feature the first edition stamp on the left side, and the value of the cards ranges from several hundred dollars.

The other main features of these cards are the specifications that are included in them and that include the value and the price. It is over a hundred dollars and shows professional, excellent condition. The second comes to the rarity, which indicates that these cards are the most desirable cards among the customers and include the stamp that indicates the initial print run on the base set.