1995 Pikachu Card Value

 1995 Flying Pikachu Card is worth $32 USD in 2023 

You can find the price and worth of the 1995 Flying Pikachu Card according to the latest sales on various platforms like eBay & Amazon. Keep in mind that all values listed of Vman and PSA 10 are in US Dollars which is commonly used all over the world. The list below is updated till 2023.

1995 Pikachu Card Value

The average value of the 1995 Pikachu is $33.41 for the poor condition PSA 10 version, $31 for the average condition PSA 10 version, and $32 for the Mint condition PSA 10 version.

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  • HP: 40
  • Type: Electric
  • Attacks: Thunder Shock, Fly
  • Resistance: Fighting -20

Card Worth: $32 USD

  • Released Year: 2001
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon Card

A rare and valuable Pokémon card showing Pikachu flying through the air is called the Flying Pikachu Card. Its electric attacks have the power to paralyze competitors, and Pokémon fans respect it as a valuable collectible.

1995 Flying Pikachu Card Price Chart 2023

Base1st Edition$1,000$5,000$25,000
BaseShadowless$500 – $800$2,500$9,500
BaseUnlimited$75 – $200$750$1,500
Base 2Unlimited$50$150$800
LegendaryReverse Holo$50$200$800

What is the worth of Flying Pikachu cards?

Flying Pikachu card values can be a little mysterious because they depend on a variety of variables. But generally speaking, Flying Pikachu cards can be worth a respectable sum of money, particularly if the card is in good shape. Lower-quality cards can still be valued at around $50, while the best-grade Flying Pikachu cards can be worth over $200. So, if you own a Flying Pikachu card, it would be wise to assess its condition and determine its market value.

What is flying Pikachu’s weakness?

Flying Pikachu is vulnerable to both Electric and Ground attacks. This makes it susceptible to being grounded or shocked, which makes it a fairly simple target for these kinds of attacks. Flying Pikachu is generally a balanced Pokémon because neither of its other two types, Normal or Electric, are weak to any other types.

When was flying Pikachu made?

One of the oldest and rare Pokémon cards ever created, Flying Pikachu launched in late 1997. It was first made available as a promotional goody to advertise the first Pokémon movie, and it has since grown in popularity as a collectible among fans.