1995 Meowth Pokemon Card

 1995 Meowth Card is worth $45 USD in 2023 

Meowth is a basic Pokemon card having a colorless type and a maximum of 60 health points. It has no resistance against any types, a retreat cost of one colorless energy card, and a vulnerability of two stages to Pokemon cards of the fighting type.

1995 Meowth Value

The current value of 1995 Meowth card is estimated at $40 for the poor condition PSA 10 version, $43 for the average condition PSA 10 version, and $45 for the Mint condition PSA 10 version.

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  • HP: 60
  • Type: Colorless
  • Attacks: Energy Evolution, Quick Draw
  • Weakness: Fighting x2

Card Worth: $45 USD

  • Released Year: 2008
  • Rarity: Common
  • Game: Pokemon

There is a wealth of information available on the history of Meowth and its skills within Pokémon; yet, when it comes to the worth of the card, this information does not carry nearly as much weight. Meowth, on the other hand, is more of a common Pokémon card, thus its value is not quite as great as it would be for one of the more rare Pokémon cards.

1995 Meowth Card Price Chart 2023

What is the worth of the 1995 meowth card?

In this section how much a 1995 meowth pokemon card is worth is discussed. 1995 pokemon cards’ price generally has a higher value due to their age being an attractive factor. The price of a 1995 Meowth pokemon card ranged anywhere from.01 cents to $67.

Meowth from the first edition jungle gem in mint 10 PSA condition was the Pokémon card that brought in the winning bid of $67. This card has a grade of 10, which indicates that it is almost excellent. Additionally, it is the original edition, which explains why it has a greater value. 1995 meowth pokemon card 62/82 is valued at $112.

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How many meowth pokemon cards are there?

The value of a PSA 10 1st edition Meowth card has climbed by more than 100% from the autumn of 2019, going from $20 to an average of $50. There was also a card with the highest value ever paid for it, which was $102.5.

This is undeniably a trend that is favorable if you either already possess the Meowth card or are planning to add one to your collection to raise the overall worth of your collection.

You may get a sense of both the value and the availability of one of these cards from the fact that there are only 370 graded PSA 1st editions currently in existence.

Which 1995 meowth card is rarest?

The 1995 Meowth 1st Edition card is the rarest of all the Meowth cards released in 1995. This card is not even close to being the rarest Pokémon card; in fact, it is not even close to being rare. Meowth trading cards were produced in very high quantities.

There are now 370 PSA graded 1st edition Meowth cards in circulation, in addition to an even greater number of cards that have not been graded.

Is the 1995 meowth card available on eBay and Amazon?

YES. Meowth, a Pokémon card released in 1995, is a rather rare Pokémon card despite being manufactured in the millions and sold in vast volumes. This indicates that it may be quickly obtained via online retailers such as eBay and Amazon. Numerous listings of basic card types such as 62/82 and 56/64 are available for prospective purchasers to peruse.

On the other hand, finding the more uncommon cards, such as the Meowth card from the first edition of 1995, will be quite challenging since there are fewer of these cards available. Nevertheless, purchasing a 1995 Meowth card from either eBay or Amazon should not prove to be a difficult job.

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